All your Questions answered in one place

Q. What are the Show hours?

The Show will be open from Sunday, December 3 to Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017
Timings: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Q. Can I take pictures at the Show?

Taking photos and recording videos of the booths and/or products is strictly prohibited. Only the duly identified media and the event’s official photographer are allowed to walk around with a camera (photo or video) during the Show. Any other person with a camera will be denied admittance to the Show or will be asked to leave the premises.

Q. Is there a visitors fee?

Visitors to the Show is free

Q. How can I register, and when does registration start?

Visitors can register online on our Tradeshow website

Q. What documents are required for registration?

During your online or on-site registration, you will be required to supply two (2) of the following supporting documents:

1. Supply your Business Card showing company name, your name, mailing or business address,telephone, email address and web site.
2. A current retail business license proving that your company is involved in the business
3. Employment verification letter on company letterhead.